Whispers of the Night
Voices in the Dark
About Us/Team Members
My name is Rita Kendrick, Owner and Founder of Whispers of the Night/Voices in the Dark. Our group, consisting of 8 active members, is a proud member of  The Paranormal Investigators Coalition (whose goal is to bring a higher level of professionalism and research standards to the ‘ghost hunting’ community).   Our group will conduct our investigations  using scientific methods, as well as Sensitive skills and input when warranted. 
We are based in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, and conduct our investigations in the Mid Atlantic area including Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennslyvania and West Virginia.  
Through these investigations, we have accumulated an extensive collection of photographic and EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), as well as video evidence, from a variety of locations -- from Civil War Battlefields, to Historical Homes & Parks, to Cemeteries, and Private Homes.  Our group is here to help educate and assist the public, as well as new and existing paranormal research organizations.



About Me
           Rita L. Kendrick
Owner & Founder,
 Lead Investigator/Intuitive  

        Rita L. Kendrick, Owner & Founder

The paranormal has intrigued me most of my life, as far back as I can remember.  I remember being very young and sensing things, and as you get older you start to question more.
I saw my first shadow ghosts(s) at the age of 23. It happened just after getting into bed and turning off the light (the bathroom across from my bedroom still had a faint light on. What  I saw next was mind-boggling to say the least! A  tall thin shadow figure passed between my bedroom door and the bathroom door  with a small shadow crawling on the floor behind it. They came from  my daughter's bedroom, which was on the left,  and continued past my door down the short hallway.  Needless to say I jumped up to investigate and they were gone in an instant. It certainly was a very frightening experience, as  I was home alone with my newborn daughter.
From that point forward, the paranormal world has held my interest! I’ve been touched lightly on the head and shoulder, have had my hair pulled, removed from a flight of stairs and forced up off the ground and against a stone wall, all of these of course by the unseen, and in the company of several witnesses.
I am what is sometimes called an Intuitive, or Sensitive (more commonly known as a Medium).  Currently, my abilities are clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairalience, (the ability to hear, sense, see (visualize), and sometimes smell spirits).  I am continually researching the paranormal & spiritual world,  through  books and articles, as well as researching other investigative groups’ techniques and experiences, allowing for continued growth & understanding in this amazing field. And, of course, TV specials and movies geared toward Paranormal are always  interesting to watch!
I've been actively investigating the paranormal since 1998 when I started this as a hobby, which sometimes feels more like a real job, especially during the hours spent on research.  But, still, I am loving every minute of it. My very first investigation was at a Dover, Delaware cemetery, where I captured a woman's face/head on the ground and a man's face that appears to be diagonally superimposed over hers.  (click here to see photo)
Other Personal experiences include actually seeing orbs with my own eyes (in different sizes ranging from basketball to baseball size), balls of light, fleeting shadows, shadow ghosts, and full-bodied apparitions, not to mention hearing the voices and smelling those odd smells—from the sulphur-like scent of black powder on the battlefields when no re-enactments are in town, or the lilac scent in August that you know is not someone’s perfume, or the pipe tobacco when no one is smoking.  I've been successful in capturing what is termed to be "Class A" EVP, and do, sometimes, hear their voices, including the calling of my name. 
Through extensive research, as well as attending paranormal conferences and corresponding with others in my field, I have come to learn so much.  There is now more criteria than ever in analyzing photos for paranormal evidence, with one very important factor being environment and witnesses present.  But explaining away those voices is a little more difficult, when you are in a remote location and you know its just you and someone else there, and the voices do not belong to either one of you.
Through my investigations and contacts, a wonderful circle of friends has evolved.  With each new investigation comes a new learning experience, as well as new friends. Always looking forward to what tomorrow brings . . .


Professional and confidential paranormal investigations and research, utilizing a 'scientific approach', with a 'Sensitive' touch.