Whispers of the Night
Voices in the Dark
Member Rules/Protocol




Membership Agreement (Rules/Protocols), along with

Standards & Procedures for Investigations


 Being a part of the team can be very rewarding. You will learn how to work with other team members, various types of equipment, while gaining valuable knowledge in this field. Investigators play a huge role in our group. They help take photos, use various equipment to record various readings, bring new ideas to the group, protect one another, and of course, the dreaded filling out of forms and reports. Sometimes, those interested will be called upon to assist with research. You will be the backbone of the organization as you may be the one who is out there seeing the ghost and all things that go bump in the night. There will be meetings together as a group to discuss both current and future cases, as well as review evidence, and explore the use of new techniques and equipment. The Whispers PI Group's investigations span a variety of locations, to include historical locations, battlefields, cemetaries, and private homes and businesses.


        A Client's Right to Privacy 


Conducting on-site investigations in private homes and documenting personal information is considered extremely sensitive.  As Owner/Founder of Whispers PI Group, it is my responsibility to take whatever actions necessary to insure the client's privacy is not violated by any member of this group.    The last unimaginable thing that can happen for a homeowner, is to see themselves on the local news, and/or having their identities exposed to the community.  Not respecting a client's request to privacy is considered a gross violation of our Ethics, Rules, Protocols, and Standards & Procedures, and will result in immediate membership termination...

Remember, this is  not a group where you can join and do as you please only to satisfy your own personal curiosity -- this is a group that functions with the highest humane considerations, professionalism & ethics.  The Owner/Founder of this group will approve membership applications at her own discretion



General Membership Information

  • All members must sign Membership Agreement 'Abide by Rules/Protocols, Standards & Procedures of Investigations'.
  • Donations received will be applied towards gas, batteries, equipment, film, office supplies, website maintenance, client's Investigation Report and DVD, etc.
  • All investigations are volunteer.  Case information is reviewed with all members prior to onsite investigation for those members not present during the initial interview and/or walkthrough.
  • Currently, there is no fee for membership.  Out-of-town investigations are at your own expense for lodging, meals & transportation.  Currently this group is limited to 8 to 10 members.  Membership is approved by the Owner/Founder. 
  • Active membership status is dependent upon member's ability to grasp and execute the Standards & Procedures for Investigations, as well as other factors. 

Member Rules/Protocols

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drug use before and during investigations are strictly prohibited.
  • Research will be conducted in a professional, ethical, and methodical manner.
  • Respect private property and locations that are closed after operating hours.  Always obtain permission to be onsite.
  • Abide by confidentiality statements.  Non-adherence is strictly prohibited.
  • Approach each case with skepticism, but always with an open mind.
  • Outsiders (non-members) will not be invited to investigations without prior approval by the Owner/Founder.
  • Never rearrange, contaminate, or alter a site where phenomena took place.
  • Never misrepresent Whispers of the Night Paranormal Investigations & Research Group (Whispers P.I. Group) in any way.  All inquiries should be directed to our website or the Owner/Founder.
  • You as a member of Whispers P.I. Group should not contact any person whose house or business is or was under investigation by Whispers P.I. Group.  This is in full violation of our ethics and principals.
  • Avoid confrontations in public with clients, members, etc.
  • DO NOT CONTACT THE MEDIA!  Contact of the Media will be conducted by the Owner/Founder and only at the agreement of the client in writing.
  • Sharing identifiable information as to the client's name and location is strictly prohibited outside of Whispers P.I. Group.    

Investigations -- Standards & Procedures

The following Standards are necessary to ensure the safety of all Whispers PI Groupo Investigators and that their findings are of the highest quality. At all times safety and collecting untainted credible evidence should be our first priorities. Mistakes can always happen during an investigation, but these Standards are designed to reduce the frequency and seriousness of those errors.

  • Prior to entering a location for investigation, all members present will synchronize their equipment/cameras/timepieces (watches, cellphones or pages) so that all agree with dates/times.
  • While outside of the building under investigation, do not engage in conversation with neighbors, passers-by, regarding our purpose there, or the haunting itself (i.e., strict confidentiality is mandatory).
  • Cell phones must remain either off or on silent mode during the investigation.
  • Wear proper clothing and shoes (no sandals, dirty/torn or obscene clothing, etc.
  • Always conduct yourself with respect in regards to the phenomena related to the existence of life after death.
  • Do not touch the client's property or personal items, except where absolutely (placing equipment, cameras, etc. on surfaces).
  • Do not discuss your religious beliefs to a client or to others in the presence of a client.  If the client wishes to discuss these matters, it will be handled directly by the Owner/Founder.
  • Members will be partnered during investigation.  No one goes alone.  In this way, should something happen, there will be someone to assist or go for help if need be.  If you have a physical/personal problem pelase advise before the investigation so that proper safety procedures and other considerations can be taken.
  • Please mention whenever you witness a sighting or other paranormal happening (smells, movement of objects, etc.) so that photos can be taken immediately.  The smallest amount of hesitancy in mentioning the event can mean a missed opportunity in capturing evidence.  Do not be shy--no matter how odd it may seem (sensing, feeling, smelling, etc.), or just an odd feeling such as air pressure (thickness, hard to breathe, etc.).  Always, ALWAYS, verbalize these things.  Your partner should immediately turn to you and take at least 2 photos of the area of sensation or sighting.  Please state out loud what you are experiencing, along with the time and location within the room.
  • Some investigators cannot stay the full length of the investigation.  Please inform me a few days prior to the investigation ifyou must leave early.  I understand prior commitments.  Sufficient notice will allow me to compensate with an alternate to fill the post.
  • All film, film processing, casette tapes,, will be paid for by Whispers P.I. Group.  If you wish to purchase film as a contribution to our expenses, it is gratefully accepted.  All photos/film/negatives/tapes (all evidence) becomes the property of Whispers P.I. Group, not the individual taking the photo or recording the tape.  However, should the evidence be posted to the website, you will be given full credit.  If a group member wishes to keep copies, the copies must be reviewed by me so as to rule out any identifiable objects as to the identity of the location or the homeowners/residents.  All identities will be masked, unless otherwise stated by the Client.
  • Arguments onsite will not be tolerated.  If there is a question or disagreement as to protocol or procedure, please check with me.  All members should be clear prior to the start of the investigation.
  • If you are ever in a location that you feel uncomfortable, please let your partner know that you need to leave, and the two of you will leave together.  No one is forced to stay in a location where they are not comfortable. 
  • Let me or the Team Lead know where you are at all times, should you need to leave your assigned location.  If you need a break, let me know.  This includes bathroom breaks--have your partner wait outside the bathroom door.   Smoke breaks will be scheduled according to the time constraints involved with the investigation.
  • Investigators using their own personal equipment must supply their own batteries.  Bring at least 2 sets of spare batteries to all investigations, as they are known to drain fast in the presence of spirits/ghosts.
  • Sometimes, investigations take place in cold/hot weather conditions--be prepared.  Dress appropriately and bring your drinks/water, etc., gloves, hats, hand warmers, etc.--whatever you will need to stay comfortable, as long as it does not interfere with the investigation.  There should not be a need to bring a huge cooler or a ton of food, unless we are packing it for the group for a long overnighter.  In other words--try & grab a meal before the investigation.  Snacks are ok, for investigations lasting longer than 4 hours.  Sometimes we will order food, and each person will pay for their own meal/food item or drinks ordered.
  • Overnight investigations usually will take place between the hours of 9pm and 5am, which will necessitate certain extras to be brought along--such as pillows, sleeping bags, food, drink, etc., medications (only those required and absolutely needed during the hours of the investigation will be permitted, such as insulin, asthma inhalers, etc.).  I, as owner, will need to be advised if you require medications during the course of the investigation.
  • Please be on time.  If you are unavoidably going to be late for an investigation or cannot make it, please call me as soon as possible.  By being late or not showing could cause a delay in the plans, possibly leading to rescheduling or cancellation of the investigation.  This in turn could lead to loss of Clients or even members.  Giving sufficient notice will allow time to reschedule if necessary or finding a replacement if necessary.
  • Members will always be prepared for investigations by carrying proper I.D., checking their batteries and film, and carrying spares of both batteries and film.  Fresh audio and video tapes and external microphones are required for all recordings.  We do not reuse previously used tapes by recording over them. 
  • While obtaining baseline readings, all member-partner groups will utilize one grid form per room.  You will have a recording device with you.  Upon entering the room/area, turn on your recorder and announce the name of the room that you are entering, the date and the time.  When you leave the room, announce that you are leaving, along with the time.  If you need to close the door, announce that you will be doing so prior to entering or leaving the room (such as in the case of visiting a room that is undergoing IR video).  While in the room, the recorder is recording everything!  Your verbalized experiences, as well as your readings that you should be noting out loud will be recorded, along with noises caused by you (such as belching, coughing, sneezing)--announce everything.  In the case of a noise caused by you, simply say 'that was me' immediately after the noise.
  • Members will understand and be familiar with any newly purchased equipment prior to going on an investigation.  Do not bring it if you do not know how to use it!  You are responsible to have your equipment in clean, working order.  Please clean your camera lenses prior to arriving onsite!
  • Camera straps should be removed and long hair should be pulled back to prevent obstructions in front of the lens.  Fingers should be kept back from the lens and flash. 
  • In cold weather, always be aware of your breath.  If you see it, so does the camera, and sometimes you do not see it and the camera will pick it up.  Do a few test shots.  Always hold your breath when taking a photo in cold weather.  Your breath will cause false ecto, and possibly other false anomolies.
  • Members should always refrain from taking photographs outside during bad weather.  Do not take photos during rain, any type of storms, mist, fog, snow, heavy winds, or dust.  Dust stirred up from a road can take a long time to settle back down.  Walk slowly in order to minimalize the amount of dust stirred up from  your walking. 
  • Do not take photos directly into any light source or reflective surfaces such as glass or mirrors.  This can cause light refractions in the camera lens, and result in false anomolies tat can be mistaken as paranormal in nature.
  • Members will speak clearly and at a controlled volume during investigations, keeping it to an absolute minimum.  At no time during an investigation should any member whisper.  Doing so destroys the credibility of our EVP work.  
  • Members will take notes throughout the investigation, recording their research efforts and any activity they encounter. These notes will describe the efforts and/or activity, along with location within the site and the time of occurrence. Attempting to use just your memory later, rather than notes, is an unprofessional way to work. 
  • When encountering paranormal activity first-hand, it is preferable that the investigator announce it. Other investigators should concentrate on the immediate area of the 'sensation'/sighting, etc., by taking readings with the various equipment they have at hand, and taking photos. EVP should be attempted immediately. 
  • Whispers P.I. Group takes a scientific approach to paranormal investigations.  Mediums, Ouija Boards, and/or Seances are not used unless specifically requested by the Client.
  • Smoking tobacco in any form during an investigation is prohibited. Smoke can easily lead to photo anomalies that can be mistaken for paranormal activity.  If the group takes a smoke break, it will be announced and if on an outdoors investigation, all photo shooting will cease and not be resumed until all smoke has cleared the area.
  • No perfumes, cologne or any other scented products should be used before or during an investigation.  The reason for this is that odd smells can be encountered during investigations, including the scent of perfumes, flowers, cologne, etc. that are paranormal in nature.
  • When reviewing 35mm photographic evidence following an investigation, always check the film negative for confirmation of objects in pictures.  Use a magnifying glass to review if necessary checking all pictures with potential anomolies.  You may wish to scan your photos and review using the zoom feature.
  • Allways follow strict guidelines and protocol to ensure the findings are of the highest quality.  At all times, accuracy has to be a high priority in evidentiary review.
  • Do not jump to conclusions.  Review and re-review.  Have another set of eyes check it out.  Take frequent breaks when reviewing video.  Please remember the conditions under which the photo or video was taken must be considered, before claiming evidence of possible paranormal activity.  Its best to take 2 to 3 shots of the same area for comparisons when ruling out the paranormal.
  • When shooting digital IR still photos, or IR video, tripods are mandatory.  The slightest movement can show a distortion that may appear as a ghost.




Conduct of Investigators

  • Members will make every effort to follow the above Member Rules/Protocols and Investigation Standards & Procedures.  These standards exist to protect our members safety and the credibility of the evidence captured during investigations.
  • Whispers P.I. Group and its participating members will always obtain permission from property owners or trustee to investigate prior to entering the site.
  • At all times during investigations and anytime members are representing the 'group', members must maintain a professional attitude and demeanor.  Your goal is a compassionate attitude of respect and understanding.
  • Members will be on time for investigations and meetings.  Being late is unexcusable, as it reflects on the group in the eyes of theproperty owner or trustee giving us permission to investigate at a specific time.  If an emergency arises, please contact the Team Lead or myself as soon as possible.
  • It goes completely without saying, but possession of a weapon during an investigation is unsafe and prohibited.   Use of alcohol and illegal or mind-altering drugs is strictly prohibited, and will not be tolerated.  Immediate termination of membership will be the result of these actions.
  • All members must process their data collected and have it ready to present and discuss with other group members within 2 weeks of the investigation.
  • Respect other team members.  If you have an issue with someone, please take it up with him/her and solve the problem outside of an investigation.  Disrespect towards fellow members or Client's and their property will not be tolerated.
  • Any data and/or information (including but not limited to photos, videos and audio) obtained on an official Whispers P.I. Group investigation are co-property of the individual investigator and Whispers P.I. Group.  In the event of membership termination (voluntary or involuntary) of  Whispers P.I. Group, all materials/evidence/film/tapes/digital files/paperwork/audio & video recordings, shall remain sole property of Whispers P.I. Group, and may be used by Whispers P.I. Group, as we see fit and in accordance with Client permissions.  In the event of group disbandonment, all of the aforementioned items will remain property of the Owner/Founder.
  • All members participating in an investigation conducted by Whispers P.I. Group, will have previously delivered a signed copy of this agreement to the Owner/Founder.