Whispers of the Night
Voices in the Dark
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           Is your home or business haunted? Are strange unexplainable

things happening, such as strange noises or smells, items disappearing only to be

found in a different location from where you left them?  Are you seeing s

shadows out of the corner of your eye, or have you actually seen a ghost in

your home?


If  you believe your home or property is haunted, and would like to speak with someone privately, please contact us at the email below.
Our group is here to help educate and provide understanding of the paranormal occurences that may be happening within your home or business.  Private consultations and investigations are available free of charge, and are conducted with the strictest confidence to protect your privacy.

If you would like our assistance, simply click the contact link to send an email.  If you would like more information on how we can help you and what a Private Home Investigation involves, click here for more info:      
A word about Private Home Investigations:  The description of the investigation may be posted here, but names, photos, video and audio recordings, location, or any other identifying factors will be withheld, unless full written permission is granted by the homeowner(s) to post on this website.

Professional and confidential paranormal investigations and research, utilizing a 'scientific approach', with a 'Sensitive' touch.