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Antique Ouija


 The Ouija Board (also known as talking board, witch board, spirit board), as you can see below, is attainable in many different styles.  Today, you can find custom made boards online.
ouija boards 
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The Ouija board has a long history, stemming back to the late 1800's.  Here is a nice website if you wish to read some history:  http://www.museumoftalkingboards.com/
=The Ouija Board although sold in the 'games' section of toy stores, should not be considered a game.  It is a tool, a method of communicating with the spirit world (channeling).  Some consider it witchcraft, worshiping Demons or messing around with Satan.  Children and young teens who play the board have sometimes encountered strange and frightening experiences.
There have been several movies made about the Ouija board, Witchboard, and The Excorcist, the latter of which was based on a true possession case of a young boy from Maryland, who had played with a Ouija Board.  I do believe any type of entity can come through, from human spirits, to the demonic, and I highly recommend that no children use it.
How to use it? There are also many opinions on this as well. I strongly recommend some form of protection when using the board, whether it be prayer, smudging, stones, crystals, or some other form of protection.
More information and history can be found here: 
Its a shame that the Ouija Board has gotten such a bad rap but is certainly understandable.  With so many young folk using it.  It is simply another form of channeling.  Protection in some form is suggested.

Note of Caution:  I do not recommend the use of Ouija Board for

communication by those who are inexperienced.  Mediums have the ability

to sense spirit presence and can help tremendously in determining if the

session should continue or be ended.  If you wish to communicate this way,

please enlist the help of someone experienced.  Many bad things can

happen, including demonic entities coming through & attaching to someone

or something in the room.  Many times a bad, nasty spirit, and sometimes

demonic entity will disguise itself and provide you with answers that

convince you they are the spirit you wished to contact.  Please be

very careful.  Again, It is my firm belief that no children should be

allowed to participate in Ouija Board sessions.


 Here is one session that I will not forget any time soon:
This session was conducted in a motel room in Gettysburg, PA,
during the month of December, with my adult daughter and
myself.  I had purchased the board on our trip to Gettysburg, while
passing through Frederick, MD.    The ‘usage’ history of the board
is very vague, and I was told by the gentleman I purchased it from that
since he had it and his sons used it, against his wishes, that nothing
good came of it, and I believe he initially purchased it off EBAY,
from someone in Florida. Therefore, not really knowing how the
board was used in the past, I felt it necessary to cleanse the board. 
I cleansed both the board, box and planchette, by burning protective
herbs (given to me by a Native American who had them blessed by
5 Chiefs from his tribe back home).  I also said a prayer and
walked my daughter through the protective measure of
yourself encircled within a pure white light.  Both I and my
daughter were totally at ease at this point, and  protected,
so we began. . . . .

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