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        The Seance  






 The Seance is a form of channeling in which one or more people attempt to communicate with spirits. It is also called Mediumship, with the Medium being the one who makes contact with those on the other side. Traditionally, it is a meeting, with all those present sitting in a circle around a table, specifically there to attempt communication in order to receive messages from those on the other side.

It was during the 1800's that the séance became popular mainly due to the notoriety the Fox sisters who began a spiritualist movement. For those who participated in the spirit communications, many of them quickly realized that some of the messages received were very accurate.  

Spiritualism, talking to spirits, often gets a bad 'Rap'. This form of communication can sometimes help heal issues of separation and lost loves. If successful, the spirit that is called upon will come forward. But, others may as well. As you have here on earth both good and bad folks, spirits can be the same. Just as a 'nice' spirit can come through, so can one of the 'not so nice'.

One person trying to mentally to communicate with the spirits is possible, but to have a group of people will create a stronger energy field and may result in a more successful session. I think of the old phrase 'strength in numbers'. That is why people often feel that group energy is needed, hence, a Seance.







Conducting the Seance


If you choose to conduct a seance, there should be at least one Medium present. The Medium will be a valuable source to assist  interpreting the messages and signs that may come through.   The purpose of the seance is usually to contact someone's deceased relative, or friend. 

The room for the seance should have plenty of room for the table and comfortable seating. If table and chairs are not available to seat everyone, then sitting around in a circle will do as well. To set the mood, you may wish to use low lighting or candles, but it is not required. I prefer to use candles. You may wish to place an object of affection to the departed that you are calling on, in the center of the circle. Also, I've heard that fresh flowers work well.

The purpose for the seance, usually to make contact with someone's deceased relative or friend, shouuld be on everyone's mind--all of the participants need to clear their minds and concentrate on this purpose alone.   It is up to the Medium to make everyone present aware of the importance of a single mind among them all.   Interrupting thoughts, such as personal affairs, events of the day, etc. are distracting and will interfer with the single energy concept.

Taking a slow deep breath before you begin will help to relax, and will raise your level of consciousness to alpha state (altered state of consciousness). When you are in alpha state, messages given in these states go directly into the subconscious mind without interference from the analytical conscious mind. This subconscious state has no power of reasoning and will accept the messages as they are given. Its a form of relaxation and used in meditation, forming a bridge to the deeper state, where your consciousness may lead to a greater sense of awareness.  You may wish to play some soft music in the background to help everyone relax and get into that meditative state.  Stop the background music once you start the Seance.

If you participate, do not believe you will not hear any messages, because you may not be a Medium. All of us have the ability--you must be open and believe that the messages will come. The medium is not the only person who can hear them. Anyone who is not afraid will be able to relax and have their own experience as well.

When you begin the seance, you do not want any interruptions; therefore, it is wise for all involved to take their bathroom breaks before you begin. If photography or video is involved, make sure there is no smoking during the session, or immediately before, within the same room. Turn off all cell phones, remove any pets, and turn off all TV's and radios, etc. 

You can join hands if you wish, in a group to help raise the energy level, as some believe will happen. Holding hands can get annoying after a while if the session goes on too long, especially if someone gets nervous and tends to sweat alot. That is why I prefer the method of placing palms face down with thumbs touching, and your little finger on each hand touching the little finger on the hands of those on either side of you. You will still have a complete circle of energy.

A prayer may be offered asking for protection and for only the positive spirits to join your group. As everyone has their own belief system, I will ask everyone to use whatever form of protection they are most comfortable with, as I at the same time will envision the 'protective circle of white light', and smudge with sage. Some people pray to God, others ask their own spirit guides or deceased loved ones for guidance and protection, and others will speak to their guardian angel for protection and help.


Remember that those in the spirit world may need alot of energy to gain the strength to communicate.   They may not be able to come through on your first attempt, and it is very common for repeat sessions to be the norm, before success is reached.


 During the Seance -- What to Expect

As the seance begins, the Medium will call upon the spirit.  What you can expect to happen is anything and everything, basically, depending on the spirit coming through. Any thing from cold spots, a slight or strong wind blowing by, candles flickering or going out, items being moved, smells (perfume, pipe tobacco, cooking odors, etc.) touching hair,  or the table itself sliding or lifting off the floor.  Sounds and voices may also be heard by any one present.

The Medium will help to determine who the spirit is and who they wish to communicate with.  Messages are passed along, followed by questions from the person that is connected to the spirit.   Questions should only be asked once, do not repeat the same question.   Each person at the table  should get to speak to at least one spirit., if they wish to. 

If a spirit that was not called comes through, you may want to thank them and tell them to move on.  This sometimes happens where the ones you call upon do not come through, but others will, sometimes even the spirit of a lost family pet.  Some  spirits like to talk alot,  and others just wish to bring a message from another spirit that cannot come through at that time.  

When the seance is over, do not forget to thank those that were able to come through with messsages.  Remember, also that the spirits that were able to come through may not leave.  Some  can return in your dreams or in your home.   You may wish to say a closing prayer of protection to close the session.

If photos or video are taken during a seance, they sometimes contain strange images, shadows or light anomalies, which appear to be a spirit.  Of course, all of this is open to personal interpretation, but all natural causes need to be ruled out. 





























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