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 As you may have already discovered, there are thousands of paranormal groups out there, "ghosthunters", where quite a few of them are started by young, immature people who are just out for a thrill. Because of the onslaught of these types of unprofessional groups, it can be very difficult for homeowners to seek help, and even more difficult to decide which group of strangers to invite into your home.

We are a group of mature adults, professional and passionate in our quest, dedicated to offering homeowners serious consideration, understanding & help. We can offer you knowledge as well as a private home investigation, in an effort to provide you with evidence and further explanations of your home's haunting. We are affiliated with several reputable, nationally known organizations, and have many colleagues operating within the Mid-Atlantic area.

Homeowners experiencing the strange, and unexplainable want to know what is happening in their home or to someone living there. First, try and stay calm. I know this is easier said than done, for I too have experienced the unbelievable in my home. It can get very chaotic at times, but try to stay calm so that you are able to rationalize and analyze what is happening. Although we can arrange to meet and discuss, and will offer your explanations as to what may be going on, a scientific investigation is almost always necessary to rule out natural causes and determine what is the root or cause of your disturbances.

I believe ghosts/spirits cannot harm you. Demonic entities and poltergeist phenomena, on the other hand, could cause some type of disturbance or harm, but these are very rare. To learn more about the different types of hauntings, click here: (to be added later)

One thing I like to suggest, which will be a great tool for paranormal investigators, is the homeowner's journal. Start keeping a journal and writing things down. You should take note each time something happens, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it may hold a clue, or play a part in the strange happenings in your home. You may want to make the journal accessible to all living in the home just in case they would like to note something that has happened in their presence. Jot down dates, times, witnesses, what happens (sightings, smells, odd feelings, noises, things being moved or disappearing and/or reappearing, things appearing out of thin air (things that do not belong to you and you have no idea where they came from), how you felt at the time (confused, scared, happy, upset) etc. Also jot down what was going on in the home or what you were doing at the time of the occurrence. You may notice a pattern start to develop.

We ask that homeowners provide us with this information at the time of the interview. In addition, if you have any information on prior land/home owners, any violence or deaths that occurred on the land or in the home, and any historical information at all, that will be used as part of our research in trying to determine who may be haunting your home. Any recent construction/remodeling? Any spiritual/ritual/cult activity practiced in or around your home by someone in the past (ouija board, seance, wicca, etc.)?

There are several safety issues concerning a paranormal investigation, that should be considered. Should you have children or pets, it is best if you can remove any objects/toys from the floors/walkways/steps to avoid a trip hazard for our investigators. Remember, we will be walking around your home in the dark, using only flashlights.

During the investigation, it is best to have as few people present as possible. If the children can spend the night at Grandma's house, that would be ideal. Of course, we try to work with our clients and we can work around if need be. Just keep in mind, if the occurences are happening in the childrens rooms, we will need access for collecting data, and will try not to disburb their sleep. Keeping the kids up is not a good idea. Its best if they are asleep in their beds, or staying the night over at a friend or relative's house. We have had homeowners in the past that kept their kids up and they were very restless, understandably so, but it did not bode well for a successfull investigation due to the chatter and noise.

Most homeowners do not realize the sensitivity of our microphones that we use. They are very sensitive and can pick up noise from another room or floor. We will be speaking and attempting communication verbally with the spirit/ghost who may be in your home, and recording on voice recorders using external microphones that are very sensitive. Please keep in mind, that we do need to ask, however, that those that remain in the home during the investigation stay in one general area, with no TV's, radios, music, etc. playing.

Our main concern is the safety and comfort of our clients, as well as our safety during the investigation. Having years of experience dealing with paranormal phenomena, I understand what you are experiencing can be very unnerving and frightening. We will accomodate the homeowners--after all we are there to help you, not infringe on your livestyle. Due to safety concerns, we cannot investigate a home, where pets are left to wander around. The safest scenario is to have  your Pets all together in one general area, where they cannot wander out of, and it should be an area (such as a room in a basement) where  they will not be heard in other areas of the house. 

Unless granted permission by the homeowners in writing via our forms, we will not post any photos from the investigation, nor will we reveal your names or address. We will give a synopsis on our website of the reported haunting, our investigation and our findings, without revealing your identity. There are different levels of confidentiality, all of which are mentioned on our Confidentiality form, which you must sign--you, the homeowner, will choose the level at which we can post information from the investigation. To see information contained on our Confidentiality form, click here: (to be added)

We will provide you with our findings, however, since most of our team consists of individuals with full time jobs, we review the evidence in our spare time. Therefore we ask for your patience in getting the CD and our findings to you after the investigation. Usually our time frame for this is 3 - 5 weeks, reasons being as follows: The minimum amount of time spent on an average investigation including subsequent research, and analysis, usually totals 80 to 120 hours. We are usually in your home for a few hours for the initial interview, and for the investigation itself, about 6 hours. The remainder of the hours spent are in reviewing video and audio, and analyzing other data, matching up positive results with times captured to video and audio. For each hour recorded, there are two to three hours of review (per tape), so for example, if we use 4 cameras and 4 tape recorders, all recording for 5 hours, that equates to 20 hours of video and 20 hours of audio. First we review the entire footage recorded, then we make clips and review and re-review the clipped recordings.

There is no cost to you as a homeowner for our services in conducting the Paranormal Investigation, nor is there a cost for the CD we will present to you that will contain a written report of our findings, and any EVP or photos captured that show paranormal activity. I, as owner and founder have instituted this policy and am firm in my belief that as a reputable group out to help homeowners, we should not be gaining monetarily from the experience. What we do gain, however, is the opportunity to investigate a haunted location, and further research and investigative skills for our newer investigators. If you wish to assist with expenses incurred by our group, you can do so by clicking here: Some homeowners assist by providing dinner (pizza, sandwhiches, etc.) and drinks (soda, coffee, etc.) for the night of the investigation.

If you would like our help, please contact us via email shown below. The initial interview and investigation are usually scheduled within 1-3 weeks of contact. If your case is of an urgent matter, or if you are being harmed in any way, please contact us immediately.

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