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When we are first contacted by a client, we will call you for either a telephone consultation or a face to face meeting at a neutral location, where the following initial questions will be presented to you.  Your answers to these questions will be taken into consideration when determining whether a private home investigation is the best course of action to take in assisting you with your individual situation.  Each case is different, and in some cases, the investigation is either not required or requested.  Sometimes homeowners are content with explanations of what could possibly be happening in their home, and elect not to procede further.  We will not pressure you, the ultimate decision is yours.


Pre-Investigation Initial Questions   


1.) Please give a general description of the occurrences.

2.) Please list the names and ages of all those living/ working in the situation where the disturbances have taken place.

3.) Please list the relationships of all those in the household/office to one another (their place in the family in relation to everyone else; positions in the office and who works with whom; etc.)

4.) Are there any pets?

5.) What are the occupations of those in the location who are or have been working?

6.) Please give educational background of all those in the location.

7.) Where have the occurrences taken place? Address and specific locations within the premises, please. Describe the premises, please.

8.) How long have you lived/worked there?

9.) Any disturbances noted at previous addresses?

10.) When did the current disturbances begin?

11.) What sorts of things went on at the beginning?

12.) What did you think of them?

13.) When was the most recent incident?

14.) Would you say the occurrences are frequent? Are they occurring with any apparent regularity?

15.) Have the disturbances been increasing in frequency and severity since they first began?

16.) Who are those people directly involved? What did they experience?

17.) Any witnesses from outside the household/office? Please give their names, occupations, and phone numbers. What did they experience, as far as you know?

18.) Is there a pattern of any kind to these disturbances that you've noticed (i.e., when the events occurred, what sorts of objects were affected, what locations were involved, who was around at the time, etc.)?

19.) Have you looked for ordinary, normal explanations? What makes you suspect the events are paranormal?

20.) Have you or any of the others involved had any psychic experiences in the past?

21.) Have you (or anyone else who witnessed the events) been interested in psychic phenomena for a while? Has your family discussed psychic phenomena in the past? If so, in what context?

22.) Does anyone involved have a theory as to what may be going on?

23.) Have you contacted any "experts"? (such as a parapsychologist, or psychologist, police, priest, rabbi, psychic, etc.) If so, what did/do they have to say?

24.) What kinds of books or articles have you read about psychic phenomena or the occult/supernatural/unsolved mysteries?

25.) Have you seen films like Ghostbusters, Poltergeist, The Entity, The Amityville Horror, Dreamscape, Resurrection, The Exorcist, The Fury, Carrie, etc.? Which ones?

26.) What did you think of them (in terms of how they portrayed psychic experiences/disturbances)?

27.) How about others involved? Reading? Films? TV shows?

28.) What are your feelings/beliefs regarding psychic phenomena or the spiritual world? Religious background (both family and your present religious status)?

29.) Have you ever taken any courses on parapsychology, the occult, or any self-development or psychic-development courses? The others?

30.) Have you or any of the others ever been to see a psychic?

31.) Has there been any publicity of these events? In other words, has the press found out about what's going on? If so, which members of the media, and how can we contact them? If not, can you be sure there won't be any publicity (can you keep this quiet... the press tends to disrupt investigations)?

32.) What would you like done to help you?

33.) Would you allow me and some colleagues to do an in-depth follow-up investigation of the occurrences in your home/office?


Please note Whispers PI does not guarantee that an investigation will provide any proof of paranormal activity. We will scrutinize all evidence in an attempt to rule out any natural causes or contributing factors. As we have obtained in the past, evidence of paranormal activity may be obtained in your case as well, but there are no guarantees.                                 

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A word about Private Home Investigations:  The description of the investigation may be posted here, but names, photos, video and audio recordings, location, or any other identifying factors will be withheld, unless full written permission is granted by the homeowner(s) to post on this website

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