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The questions here pertain to the phenomena itself.  Please be patient.  There are alot of questions to get through, not just these but several other sets.  I understand you may be anxious to explain what has been happening, but you may find that these questions may address alot of your concerns and recollections.  I do suggest that you take notes have just in case you wish to talk about something not covered or just to elaborate.



The Phenomena

 1.) Please describe the disturbances/experiences in terms of what you actually observed. (Note: this should be asked of everyone involved, both in separate interviews and later in the presence of all witnesses.)

2.) Were there any unusual feelings or emotions associated with the disturbances/experiences?

3.) How often do they occur?

4.) Who first noticed them? When were they first noticed? Under what circumstances?

5.) Please describe the experiences/observations of the others to the best of your knowledge.

6.) In terms of movement of objects, describe the movements and what was unusual about them. Did objects seemingly take flight or visibly move by themselves? Were there unusual flight patterns (in other words, did they move like someone had pushed or thrown them, or did they make unusual curves in the air or on a surface, such as making right-angle turns)?

7.) Could someone have been near enough to an object to move, push, or throw it, either purposely or by accident?

8.) Did objects hit their final resting point with unusual force?

9.) Did they make unusually loud noises when they struck something?

10.) Were breakable objects seen to move and strike something without breaking?

11.) Were heavier objects seen to move or rearrange themselves (such as furniture being piled up, especially in such a way that one person could not have done it)? Describe, please. Were these objects seen in motion, or were they simply discovered in rearranged fashion after they had been moved?

12.) Has anyone seen an object start its motion? In other words, have there been any witnesses to an object disturbance beginning with the point just before it took flight or began to move?

13.) What were the objects affected? Any particular kind of object affected more than others? Any particular single objects affected more than others? If yes to either one, are there any relationships between the object(s) and any of the people in the household/office?

14.) Have you noticed any metal objects particularly affected? Bent silverware, for example? If yes, are you certain no one could have had access to the pieces and bent them normally? Any chance that the pieces of metal/ silverware could have already been bent through normal use (and that you simply never noticed the bends)?

15.) Have there been any unusual electrically related effects? Have appliances, TVs, stereos, lights, or computers been affected? If so, to what extent and how frequently? When any particular person(s) were around?

16.) If certain persons were associated with the appliances/ devices, what are their attitudes towards the function of those devices (i.e., if a vacuum cleaner, does the person hate housework? If a computer, does the person dislike computers)?

17.) Have there been any occurrences of unusual noises? Have these sounds been found to have a cause connected with them, or have they occurred with no seeming cause? Describe the sounds and why you think them unusual.

18.) Have any of the sounds been connected in any way with the movement/disturbance of physical objects?

19.) When the others who have witnessed the events had their first experiences, were they aware of previous encounters or observations or experiences by those who first noticed them? What did they know about them, if anything?

20.) Have there been instances where one or more persons saw an apparition (ghost)? If yes, please describe ...

21.) If nothing was seen, yet you (and others) are sure there is something there (a presence or "entity" or "force"), what makes you so sure?

22.) Have voices been heard, either with or without the appearance of an apparitional form? Were attempts made to see if the voices had a (living or mechanical) source?

23.) Have unusual smells been noticed? What was unusual about them? Have they appeared at only certain times or only in certain areas? Have they been localized, yet mobile (confined to a specific area in the air, yet moving about)? Were attempts made to find a natural source of the smell?

24.) Who has been around in each instance of a visual apparition? Of voices? Of unusual smells?

25.) Have you or anyone else gotten unusual feelings in a particular place or at particular times (example, do you sense a "presence" or get "cold chills" under certain conditions/in certain locations)?

26.) Has the temperature of the location been affected unusually? Have normal causes been looked at as being behind such effects?

27.) Have there been times when apparitions/ghosts, smells, voices, footsteps, or odd noises have been experienced by only some of the people (or just one person) and not by others at the same time? Please describe these instances.

28.) Have the images been associated with particular people or events? Have they been associated with particular people who are witnesses to the events or whom you know (example, maybe the ghost is that of your Uncle Harry from Cincinnati)? Were these images connected with the past (the past of the people present or of the house) or with the present (could the images represent living persons or current/future events)?

29.) How about the noises or the smells (if present)? Could they be connected with persons not present (living or dead)? Or can they be connected with the house or building (past or present)?

30.) Did the witnesses who had the experience of seeing/ hearing a ghost know about that person (whom the ghost represents) before the experience?

31.) In the case of images seen, did everyone who saw something see the exact same thing, or were there the kinds of differences one would expect if the apparition had been a living person, there in the flesh? (In other words, if one person stood in front of where the apparition appeared, and another behind it, did the people see the figure from the proper perspective [front and back] or not?)

32.) Describe the behavior of the apparition(s). Does the apparition repeat the same activity every time it appears? Or does it seem as if it is aware of your presence as well?

33.) Is there attempted communication on the part of the apparition? Have you or anyone else who has experienced the apparition tried to communicate with it? If so, in what manner (Ouija board, tape recoAny results (like communications back, reactions on the part of the apparition, changes in behavior of the phenomena, etc.)?

34.) Would you say the apparition seems to be one that is conscious or aware of its surroundings, that it is an intelligent entity?

35.) If not, would you say that the experience may represent a past event repeating itself like a video "instant-replay"?

36.) What is known about the house/building? Previous owners? History of the location it stands on?

37.) How did you feel just before the experience(s) (physically, mentally, and emotionally)? Any common factors between each of the experiences?

38.) How did you feel while the experience was actually happening?

39.) How did you feel/react after the experience(s) was completed?

40.) Did you discuss the experiences with anyone (witness or not) just after it happened? Describe the discussions.


Please note Whispers PI does not guarantee that an investigation will provide any proof of paranormal activity. We will scrutinize all evidence in an attempt to rule out any natural causes or contributing factors. As we have obtained in the past, evidence of paranormal activity may be obtained in your case as well, but there are no guarantees.                                 

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