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This next set of questions will help us narrow down the general patterning of the disturbances/experiences, as interpreted by each individual witness to the events.  There are some duplicate questions, however they are phrased differently.  This is done so as to allow you to answer based on how the question is phrased, which may perhaps trigger some recollection you may have missed the first time around.



Who / What / When / Where / How

1.) Have you connected the disturbances with any particular people witnessing or living/working in the location?

2.) If there is an apparition seen, does the apparition represent anyone identifiable (does anyone know "who" the apparition represents)?

3.) Are there particular activities going on when the incidents occur (such as eating, watching TV, arguments, etc.)?

4.) Are there certain times during the day or night when the incidents appear to be more frequent? If so, when are they?

5.) Are the events seen to occur more in one spot than in others (certain rooms or parts of the room)?

6.) Are certain people seemingly more affected than others? Who? What reactions do the people in the situation have when confronted by one of the disturbances?

7.) Do all witnesses to the events have to be around for anything to happen? If not, give examples of such incidents where not everyone was around, and who was there.

8.) Have any disturbances been noted to have occurred when no one was around (i.e., has anyone noted the after-effects of a disturbance that may have occurred with no witnesses, perhaps by objects having been moved)?

9.) Has any one person appeared to be very close to the starting points of moving objects? Do you think there's any chance that that person could have physically thrown or pushed the objects to simulate a paranormal event?

10.) Is there any reason to think that someone in the home/office might fake the events?

11.) Have you thought about normal explanations for some or all of the events? Have you taken note of outside sounds, vibrations, etc. (such as a truck rumbling down the street) when the occurrences happen?


Please note Whispers PI does not guarantee that an investigation will provide any proof of paranormal activity. We will scrutinize all evidence in an attempt to rule out any natural causes or contributing factors. As we have obtained in the past, evidence of paranormal activity may be obtained in your case as well, but there are no guarantees.                                 

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A word about Private Home Investigations:  The description of the investigation may be posted here, but names, photos, video and audio recordings, location, or any other identifying factors will be withheld, unless full written permission is granted by the homeowner(s) to post on this website

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