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Although we do have your story and you have answered many questions already, please understand these are not meant to demean or belittle your word.  The questions here pertain to the phenomena interactions and symbols.  After these you will be given a sheet of 'descriptors' which you can circle that help to explain your perceptions relating to the phenomena. 



Interactions & Symbols

1.) Do you see the events as representing any emotions or tensions that you or others may have at the moment?

2.) Have there been any changes in the daily routine/lives of the people involved (such as new job, new school, divorce, marriage, death of relative or friend, etc.)? If so, what are they? When did they happen in relation to the disturbances?

3.) Do you see the way the disturbances/experiences are happening as being symbolic of anyone's emotional state or thought processes?

4.) Are the events perhaps symbolic of any problems that may be going on between people in the affected group (here, not just direct witnesses, but all those with relationship to the people having the experiences)?

5.) If you were to pretend this were all happening in a dream, what would you make of it (the "dream," that is)?

6.) Are there any visible problems between the people having the experiences and anyone else?

7.) Is anyone particularly tense or frustrated or under some stress? What do you think this may be related to (job, friendships, housework, sexual relationships. School, lack of leisure time, etc.)?

8.) What would you say your overall health (both physical and mental) was before the experiences began vs. now (after onset)?

9.) Are you taking any medication or non-prescription drugs? What are they?

10.) Are you drinking alcohol, drinks with caffeine, or taking in a lot of sugar? Which one(s), and how much?

11.) Was there any change in your diet or use of the above substances before the initial experiences or after the disturbances began?

12.) Are you or any of the others currently under the care of a doctor or psychological counselor/therapist?

13.) Do you practice: yoga, meditation, self-hypnosis, biofeedback, relaxation exercises, or physical exercises?

14.) Would you be willing to work on any social, psychological, or physical problems that may be related to the incidence of the disturbances?

15.) Would you be willing to see a counselor, therapist, or doctor if that is the most positive way to help deal with the experiences?

16.) Are you interested in participating in future para-psychological research, or in learning more about the field?


Please note Whispers PI does not guarantee that an investigation will provide any proof of paranormal activity. We will scrutinize all evidence in an attempt to rule out any natural causes or contributing factors. As we have obtained in the past, evidence of paranormal activity may be obtained in your case as well, but there are no guarantees.                                 

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A word about Private Home Investigations:  The description of the investigation may be posted here, but names, photos, video and audio recordings, location, or any other identifying factors will be withheld, unless full written permission is granted by the homeowner(s) to post on this website

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