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Private Home Paranormal Investigations

     Welcome to our website. First let me introduce myself.  My name is Rita Kendrick, Owner & Founder, Lead Investigator & Intuitive (Medium).   Prior to starting this group, I was an independent paranormal investigator, and after many years and hours of investigations and research, and running into homeowners such as yourself, wanting help and not knowing who to contact, I decided to form this group. My group's main objective/mission is to help homeowners such as yourself who may be experiencing a haunting/paranormal disturbance in their home.

     I know you are most likely a gamot of feelings right about now, frightened or confused, and not knowing where to turn or what to do. We are here for you--We will help you. We are dedicated to helping those in your situation to understand what is happening in your home.   I know you must be overwhelmed, but please read on. I am providing you with as much information I can to help calm your fears so that you can make a decision if you would like to proceed with my group's help.

      There are many different types of hauntings, of which the activity in your home may fall into one of these categories. For more information on different types of hauntings, please click here (to be posted later). Should it be determined after our investigation that what is happening in your home is of a demonic nature, I will tell you up front, my group will not address the demonic as far as conducting exorcisms, and the like.  However, I can recommend several other reputable colleagues that can help you in this area.  In addition, should you wish to have your home blessed/cleansed, we can also point you in the right direction, and in some cases, I have assisted with home cleansings. We have many contacts with the professional paranormal groups and organizations that can offer help if need be.  But first, we must determine what is going on.  We do that with several steps, that involve interviews, research, and a paranormal investigation of your home.    

     We understand contacting a paranormal investigative group can be very difficult, and sometimes the idea of letting a group of strangers into your home can be frightening. We treat each individual case with sensitivity and confidentiality. We are here to help you understand what may be happening in your home, and to help to calm your fears. You can rest assured that our investigators are all mature adults, trained in private home investigations by me and through past experience. Although I am a Medium, we will conduct a scientific investigation, using many different types of electronic equipment. Although the setup of this equipment will take time, we will be as unobtrusive to your home environment as is possible. My abilities as a medium may be used as a 'barometer' if you will, to assist in the investigation. My abilities as a Medium are currently clairvoyant (ability to see spirits), clairsentient (ability to sense the presence of a spirit or entity/ghost), clairalient and clairaudient (ability to smell and hear).

     Our first step is a confidential telephone consultation. You will be speaking with me personally, where I will first listen to your story and then present you with some initial questions that will help us decide if a paranormal investigation is warranted. Should you decide to proceed further, we will briefly discuss what happens next, and schedule a date for a visit to your home. If you would first like to meet me and my group off-site at a neutral location, that can be arranged as well.

     Normally we bring 2-4 investigators with us. We do not arrive in a Van with our name plastered on the outside, nor will we wear clothing or hats or carry equipment cases/bags that identify what we do, . Our ethical standards hold that we respect your utmost privacy. We have had some clients in the past that have had other groups come into their home wearing identifying clothing, and expressed concerns regarding nosy neighbors and do not wish to be the talk of the neighborhood. Our mission is to help homeowners understand what is happening in their home by offering our knowledge and opinion of what may be causing the disturbances, while respecting your privacy at the same time. Our process to assist you with knowledge and understanding involves several steps.  The following table breaks down all that is involved: 


Pre-Investigation Video-Taped Interview/Walkthrough/Baseline Readings & Photography

1.)   Introductions and Paperwork:  We have several forms that are required to be signed before we can proceed with an investigation. Our group prides itself on professionalism and respect to homeowners privacy. These forms and paperwork are for your protection as well as ours. You will be asked to sign 2 copies of each form, one of which you will keep for your copy. The forms involve the following: Confidentiality Agreement, Investigation Agreement, and Descriptors (a list of descriptive words that you will circle to help describe your feelings and sensations).  Other forms that we will use that you will not be required to sign, are a Paranormal Investigator's Vigil Log, Video Log, and Room Grids that will be used for each room we investigate, as well as during the initial walkthrough to note specific locations and baseline thermal and EMF (electromagnetic field) readings. Baseline readings are an important tool that will assist us both during the investigation and the analysis of findings in ruling out was is the norm and what is outside of that normal range and possibly paranormal in nature.   The paperwork process usually takes about 30 minutes.   See table of contents on this page to view forms, descriptor list & questionnaires.

2.)   On-site in-depth interview:  This interview will be video taped with all parties involved as to the occurrences/sightings/experiences. This video tape is an invaluable tool that will be used in our preparation for the investigation, and future research and analysis of our findings.  The Initial questions are generalized and total about 80, however some questions may be skipped as they may not pertain the circumstance of the type of haunting present in your home/location or your experiences. All parties involved should answer as many of these questions as they honestly can.  This video-taped interview usually runs about 1-2 hours.  In most cases, we will have 3 or 4 investigators involved in this process.

3.)   Walkthrough/Baseline Readings/Photography/Video:   We will walk through your home to the locations you specify where activity has taken place, using both video and cameras.  We will typically take 4-10 photos per location.  EMF readings will be taken and noted on our grids for each room/location, along with thermal readings.  These baseline readings will be used in comparison to those obtained during the investigation to determine what is normal and what is not.  Spirit activity and presence has been known to cause electrical and/or magnetic disturbances.  We will also take audio recordings of the walkthrough, noting on both audio and paperwork locations of electrical appliances, outlets, doors, closet/stairway openings, windows and fans/heater/AC units and vents.  All of this data will be utilized during our investigation and final analysis.

4.)   Setup Date/Time of Investigation and review of all baseline readings and photography/video with other members that will be participating in the investigation.  We will then plan our investigation as to the 'hot spots' and floor plan as to where we will place our IR video cameras and locations to conduct vigils. 

The Investigation:   

     When we arrive at your home on the scheduled night of the investigation, we will be unloading and setting up our equipment as quickly and efficiently as possible.  You will see us bringing in cases, laptops, boxes and bags, all of which contain our equipment and monitoring/testing supplies and many other objects needed for documenting the activity in your home.  We will be setting up several laptop computers for live video monitoring of the IR cameras that have been pre-positioned in active locations within your home.  With all of this in mind, we will need a central location for our 'base', for our monitoring stations.     We will then begin laying the electrical & video cables and will tape them down for safety reasons.  We will also place some audio recorders in key locations, and may use a control box and other items to test activity.  We will use both digital and 35mm cameras, audio recording equipment (both tape and digital), and IR (Infrared) Video Cameras for filming in the dark.  Some cameras may need to be mounted to walls and/or door frames depending on positioning required in order to obtain the best possible angle for capture of evidence. We will also monitor the EMF readings and thermal readings during the investigation and may be using motion sensors. 

     We will then have some investigators walk through the active locations taking EMF & thermal readings, and photos, while attempting communication using audio recorders.  We will also have at least one investigator stationed at the 'home base' location for monitoring.  Our vigils usually last about 30 to 45 minutes per room/location. We will have video cameras set up recording in other locations that we may not be located in at the time. During our vigils, I will be attempting communication with the spirits/entities that may be present, in an effort to help identify who they are. We will be documenting any contact made, voices heard, sightings, sounds, smells, etc., on our room grids as we encounter them, as well as electrical disturbances that may occur. The investigation will be performed with lights out.  We will also be using flashlights periodically, and may use walkie talkies for communication between the teams.  Usually we have at least 2 teams, and our investigators never go alone.  We are always partnered with at least one other investigator for safety reasons, as well as having witness should we have a sighting or other experience.

    We will usually take a snack break before the actual investigation.  The investigation itself is usually a 3-6 hour process depending on the level of activity that is occuring.  When the investigation is over, we will break down all equipment, remove all tape, and pack up.  I will then arrange a time frame for us to return with our findings.  Usually 3 or 4 weeks from the date of the investigation.

 The Analysis

      All of the data will undergo an in-depth analysis process in an attempt to document what may be paranormal in nature, and what can be ruled out as having a normal (non-paranormal) cause. Only after rigorous study of the data and evidence collected, will we be able to determine the nature of your haunting, and subsequently recommend what further steps you may consider taking.

     Usually, our investigations result in a minimum of 16 hours of recorded video tape, and audio recordings that will take quite some time to review. Our review process is tri-fold. First several investigators will review and analyze the data, they will then need to take clippings of the video evidence and audio file clips as well. These files will be then shared with the remaining members of the group, after they have reviewed all of the initial video and audio recordings. We will then compare evidence collected with experiences as related to us during the interviews, for a third review.

     Sometimes, it may be necessary to revisit the location in an effort to rule out natural causes of what looks to be paranormal, but may not be. This is done between the second and third review periods, and we will contact you to arrange a time that is convenient to you.  Usually there are 2 or 3 investigators for this re-visit, which normally lasts less than an hour. 

     As all members do have full time jobs, and our review of the evidence takes places usually on weekends, we should be able to present our findings in 3 to 4 weeks.  Please keep in mind our evidence review is tri fold so if we collect 10 hours of video and audio, that would equate to over 20 to 30 hours of review each, and that is why it does take 3 - 4 weeks before we can return our findings to you.   

Our Findings

     Once our analysis is complete, we will contact you to arrange a date and time to review our findings with you.  We will explain each piece of evidence we consider paranormal in nature, whether it be photo/video/or audio.  Should you have any questions or concerns, we  will take the time to help explain and answer your questions.  You will be presented with a CD that contains both a written report, as well as any photo, audio, or video evidence that may have been captured that is paranormal in nature, as determined by the group.   And we don't stop there. 

     After we leave your home, should you ever feel uncomfortable, unsafe, scared, we are there for you and only a phone call or email away.  I tell all my clients to please contact me should you need to discuss further, need further clarification/understanding, or just want to talk.  Also, should you wish to have a home cleansing or blessing to dispel any spirits that may be present, we can certainly help in that area by pointing you in the right direction to one of our colleagues that practice in that field.  I will accompany whomever we recommend to your home, if you wish, and may participate/assist in the cleansing.  Some clients choose not to do a cleansing and are comfortable with any spirits that may remain in their homes, once they understand who they are or why they are there.   


Please note Whispers PI does not guarantee any proof of paranormal activity. We will scrutinize all evidence in an attempt to rule out any natural causes or contributing factors. As we have obtained in the past, evidence of paranormal activity may be obtained in your case as well, but there are no guarantees.                         

 If you would like to contact us, please click the link below:




A word about Private Home Investigations:  The description of the investigation may be posted here, but names, photos, video and audio recordings, location, or any other identifying factors will be withheld, unless full written permission is granted by the homeowner(s) to post on this website

Professional and confidential paranormal investigations and research, utilizing a 'scientific approach', with a 'Sensitive' touch.